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1 Voices Beyond the Wall
2 Documentary Film Teaser - 2015:
3 The Ministry in Honduras
4 Interview; Diana Frade
5 Abject Poverty in Honduras
6 OLR 2005 First Introduction
7 REST; dedication
Published on May 13, 2013

Our Little Roses Film chronicles the making of a film about an American-born Episcopal priest who travels to Honduras, the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere and, in that, the murder capital of the world - San Pedro Sula - to teach poetry to a score of orphaned teenage girls at Our Little Roses orphanage, at the edge of one of the city's ram shackle barrios.
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Uploaded on Mar 30, 2009
In Honduras where the plight of abused and abandoned girls was once ignored, the ministry of Our Little Roses home has become an oasis of hope and opportunity for the girl child at risk. God has truly blessed this ministry shown in the transformed lives of once destitute girls. It began with a vision given to Doctor Diana Frade of hope with life-changing dimensions for physically and emotionally abused girls as well as orphans.
Published on Mar 9, 2013
An introduction to Honduras, the mission of OLR and the girls living in the home. Interview with Dr. Diana Frade, founder of Our Little Roses and Tirza Romero who graduated from the home. "What if I Stumble" performed by dc Talk 1995, courtesy EMI Records.
Published here on OLR web-site on 5/4/2016

An introduction to Honduras poverty conditions
OLR 2005 First Introduction
Rick Miessau
Published on Mar 9, 2013
OLR 2005 our first visit to Our little Roses Ministries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
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Published here on OLR web-site on 4/1/2017
The dedication of the "REST" facility

For those girls who desire to continue their education at university or a trade school, Our Little Roses provides a Transition Program whereby the girls attending post-secondary education institutions live in an onsite living-learning center, the REST Center, and attend school, assist at the Home and learn to live independently. The girls assist at the Home or School and take classes, learn to manage their finances, manage and maintain their shared living space, and care for themselves and the other girls who live with them.

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